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    Take a look at MouseCoordMode() in the helpfile.

    By default it uses absolute screen coordinates but can be changed to relative coords to the active window.

    Google translate just in case...

    Schauen Sie sich MouseCoordMode () in der Hilfedatei an.

    Standardmäßig werden absolute Bildschirmkoordinaten verwendet, diese können jedoch in relative Koordinaten zum aktiven Fenster geändert werden.

    Something like this ?

    #include < Crypt.au3 >
    #include < File.au3 >
    $Text = "test"
    $Text_crypt = _Crypt_EncryptData($text, "1234" , $CALG_RC2)
    _FileCreate ( "data.txt" )
    $fo = FileOpen ( "data.txt")
    FileWrite ( "data.txt", "0x" & Hex($Text_crypt))
    FileClose ($Fo)

    Very nice.

    I have a wierd behaviour here, if i try and add the confidence/angle stuff, only the confidence seem to work, angle is stuck at zero.

    Do you know what's going on ?

    It's this part of the code, where i added the drawstring line.

    For $i = 1 To $aFaces[0][0]
    _GDIPlus_GraphicsDrawRect($hGraphics, $aFaces[$i][0], $aFaces[$i][1], $aFaces[$i][2], $aFaces[$i][3], $hPen)
    _GDIPlus_GraphicsDrawString($hGraphics, "confidence: " & $aFaces[$i][4] & @CRLF & "angle: " & $aFaces[$i][5], $aFaces[$i][0] + 4, $aFaces[$i][1] + 4, "Arial", 16)
    If $bDoLM And UBound($aFaces, 2) > 6 Then
    For $j = 0 To 67
    _GDIPlus_GraphicsDrawEllipse($hGraphics, $aFaces[$i][6 + $j * 2], $aFaces[$i][7 + $j * 2], 4, 4, $hPen2)

    /edit, just just tried adding it to my script above, without all the green circles, and there it works, but it doesnt work in your script, confusing.

    /Edit2, Disregard, i found the reason, it only shows angle in mode 3 and 4, not 1 and 2. :) sorry for the inconvenience. :/

    Here's an example of Live WebCam Tracking using EscApi.dll (attached), place in same folder as Eukalyptos script.

    Webcam obviously required :p

    Could be used for controlling stuff with your head, I'm gonna play around with Irrlicht and control a 3D model of a head, with my head :D



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    Hello, I've been reading around here for long, although I dont speak much german, can read about half of it, but will be posting in english, I know many/most/all of you speak english fine, I recognize many of you from :)

    I'm from Denmark so had one year of german in school, but that's many years ago, ohh, and I was watching "Der Alte" on television, those were the days. :D

    well, Hi again all :)

    Awesome, worked 9 out of ten times i tried, on a highres image of Sinead O'Conner it found a face inside her left eye. :D

    It worked on UEZ avatar also, 45 confidence. :)



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